To all running injuries: YOU SUCK!

I just had some sad news from my running partner in crime.

Although we live in different parts of the country, we have been training for the Athens Classic Marathon together. I love the idea of having a marathon training buddy (aka fellow loony) who is only an e-mail away. We’ve been cheering each other on all the way and I was looking forward to getting on the plane to Athens together.

However, sadly her marathon journey has come to a very painful end before she even made it to the start line… Her doctor has just diagnosed a runner’s worst nightmare: stress fractures.

I am, of course, devastated for her. Apart from not making the race, she won’t be able to run at all until at least Christmas time and has a very serious injury to recover from. I wish someone had told her that nobody was actually serious when we said “Break a leg!”…

I’m very sad to say that I’ll have to face the big 26.2 on my own this year, but we can always try to do so together again next year.

It’s literally time to put your feet up my friend. Get well soon!

And speaking directly to the stress fractures, I have few words to say except that I hope the desert winds blow a vexed scorpion in your direction. Oh, and don’t come near me either.

5 thoughts on “To all running injuries: YOU SUCK!

  1. Oh no! That’s such a shame, hope your friend is doing OK. I know how fantastic running buddies can be, even long distance ones (my sister and I sometimes run at the same time, me on the island and her in England, and compare notes afterwards!) but I can also vouch for how much fun a solo marathon can be. Best wishes for a swift and not too stressful recovery for your friend.

    • Thank you for your kind words. She’s obviously really disappointed (not to mention in quite a bit of pain). But hey, upwards and onwards. I’m still looking forward to the marathon, even though it’ll be quite a different experience now. 😉

  2. Trails and Ultras says:

    That does suck- what a shame for you both 😦

    • Hey, thank you for stopping by and for the supportive words. I’m just really gutted for her, and feel maybe a little guilty for still really looking forward to the adventure myself!

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