I’ve teamed up with a number of awesome running bloggers (or blogging runners?) for Kylabee’s original “Around the World Running Blog Relay“, which took place in March and April 2014. The aim of the challenge was simply to run as much as possible in that time, and marvel at the ever growing total distance we have run in different parts of the world, but together in spirit. In the end, we didn’t quite make it around the world, but we still went a long way together! The challenge is now being continued on a monthly basis – I wonder how long before we’ll make it around the whole world!

Here’s a record of my contribution:

TOTAL: 1635 km                    (since March 2014)

JULY TOTAL: 271 km

JUNE TOTAL: 389 km

MAY TOTAL: 339 km




One thought on “#ATWRBR2014

  1. […] I was therefore very surprised when I found that I had still managed to sneak in a total of 67 km of zen running over the course of the week (all of which will all go towards Kyla’s Around the World Running Blog Relay). […]

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