There are many reasons why I love to hit the trails. It’s always a fun adventure that focusses my attention on the world around me while permitting my imagination to run wild. Besides, running on the uneven surfaces and frequent inclines is a fantastic way to build aerobic fitness and toughen up the legs, all while being spellbound by ever changing scenery.

Today, I set out to explore some new territory after work. Based on what I found, I can only conclude that I have unsuspectingly ventured through a secret portal into Middle Earth…

I followed a little stream…


… ran through a tunnel…


… crossed over (and under) several bridges…


… ran under a waterfall…


… and ended up on a mountain top!


Days like today always remind me that I have so much to be grateful for. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful corner of our world.  I am blessed with a strong and healthy body that allows me to explore the world around me, an inquisitive mind that always challenges me to keep moving forward and a heart full of wanderlust. Life can be amazing!

Running Tentsmuir


Tentsmuir Forest on the east coast of Scotland is, hands down, one of my favourite places to run. It is as flat as a modern TV, but far more exciting. The absence of hills sure is a novelty in Scotland, and as someone who generally does a lot of running on grounds that are anything but flat, it’s a great place to stretch out my legs.



The area is large enough to not get bored or go loopy on even a proper long run (I have ran a few 25 – 35km runs there), while still being quite overseeable. Most importantly, it offers some great trails and magnificent vistas, from a massive Tolkienesque forest, some charming lochs, open moorland to award winning and seemingly endless beaches. What more could a runner’s heart possibly desire?


If you ever find yourself in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit. Be warned though, it’s hardly a secret location and can get busy on popular days!