Ultra Dreams: The Cotswold 100 Challenge


While I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do – running wise – in 2014, this particular challenge has caught my eye. I’m not an ultra-runner and am quite attached to my toenails (no pun intended), but I do love a good challenge, nice scenery, adventure, and running for a really long time.

My thoughts so far:

1)      I just love the idea of this – spending each day running through beautiful countrysides towards a campsite where comrades, ice-baths, massages and pasta-feasts await. Awesome!

2)      I’ve never ran that far before in my life, but that’s okay. As always, a big part of the challenge will be the training. It could be a fantastic and relatively gentle introduction to running really long distances, as it’s run over four days and it’s not a race. It’s essentially the equivalent of running a trail marathon each day for four consecutive days.

3)      I’ve hiked the West-Highland Way (which is a similar distance) over seven days a few years ago. That was perfectly doable without any training, which makes me think that reducing this to four days by running most of it will be quite possible with some dedicated training.

4)      I’m pretty sure I’d take this challenge as easy as possible (as far as running 100 miles can ever made easy!). I’d aim to run a half-marathon in the morning, stop somewhere and sit down for a proper lunch, walk while I’m digesting said lunch, then jog the last part, before enjoying the ice, massage and pasta-feast. I’d also be quite likely to stop for such important things as buying ice-cream and admiration of the scenery.

5)      I’d love to team up with someone for this. I think it would be even more fun to run at the side of a partner in crime/madness.

What do you think? Am I missing something obvious, or should I take the plunge and hover over training plans and the sign-up button?