Upcoming Running Adventures


20/07/2014    Dundee Half Marathon

14/09/2014    Cologne Marathon

12/10/2014    Aviemore Half Marathon

25/10/2014   The Three Peaks Ultramarathon (38 miles)


Completed Races in 2014:

09/03/2014    Inverness Half Marathon (finished in 1:40)

23/03/2014    Rome Marathon (finished in 3:48)

13/04/2014    St. Andrews Half Marathon (finished in 1:44)

25/05/2014    Edinburgh Half Marathon (finished in 1:38)

03/06/2014    Great British Relay (completed)

28/06/2014    Cateran Yomp (55 mile ultra – conquered in 12 hours, 55 minutes – first female team, second place overall!)

12/07/2014    12 Labours of Hercules (78 mile ultra – completed in 17 hours, 31 minutes – first female team, second place overall – again!)

20/07/2014    Dundee Half Marathon (finished in 1:51, pacing a friend who absolutely smashed her first half-marathon!)

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Running Adventures

  1. Linda says:

    Hi we just read your post on our tinsel dash and glad you enjoyed this adventure… If you want a more challenging run try our Dumbarton Over n under race… Thanks for your comments and hopefully we will see you at our future start line! Good luck with your adventures Linda & Iain

    • Hi Linda – it was a great race, really fun and I enjoyed it greatly! I am actually in the process of trying to talk a friend into doing the Dumbarton race with me in the summer – I think it’ll be so much more fun to get soaked (repeatedly) in summer. Your races are fantastic – a great atmosphere and really inclusive and fun!

  2. Hiya! Nice to connect with a runner/blogger a little closer to home…albeit we are either end of the UK! How was the Inverness half? I was at Rockness last year its so beautiful by the Loch!

    • Hey there and thanks for stopping by! I love the Inverness area as well; and Loch Ness itself is amazing. The Inverness half was lovely and really well organised – I’d definitely run it again!

  3. I think we have similar tastes in running, have enjoyed reading some of your experiences 🙂

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